VT3 and VNT17/22 Turbo Results

Before: 90whp 155ft-lb After: 181.9whp 310ft-lb

This vehicle is running 26 PSI boost (the recommended limit for VT3 and VNT-17/22 turbos) and using normal pump diesel. It’s pretty standard with stock intercooler, 2.5″ exhaust, 11mm injection pump, and Bosio R520 nozzles. No attempt was made to inflate dyno numbers (no overboost, no diesel cetane booster, no water/meth injection, no propane, and no nitrous injection, etc.). This represents a daily-driven street setup.


A 190+ whp dyno may be around the corner! The power continues to 4500 RPM and beyond.

The camera car is a 1998 Cabriolet with a 1.9L TDI engine swap. It has a VT2 turbo and Sprint 764 fuel injector nozzles (Dynoed 150whp with a conservative 22 PSI smoke-free tune). The Golf you see in the video is the same VT3 equipped car in the dyno video.


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Richard Schuelzke’s New Beetle TDI at the Drag Races

Just one week before the races, Richard from Portland Oregon rebuilt his New Beetle TDI engine and at least tripled the factory 90 horsepower output. The result is an impressive 13.607 @ 104.42 MPH (driven by Matt Davis) at Portland International Raceway. Next to the beetle is a 2006 Jetta TDI driven by Sarah Boyd aka “Jetta Girl”. The Jetta is running a wastegated Garrett turbo and it put down 200whp on a dyno.

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Cornell University 100 MPG Project

This is a custom series hybrid vehicle. More pictures will be posted as the project progresses!

West Philadelphia Electric-Diesel Hybrid Sports Car

Passing MIT and Tesla, West Philly is moving forward at full steam for the $10 million dollar Automotive X Prize. We’re thrilled to take part in this project.


2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition Customer Testimonial

Well I did it. I broke down and just figured I would roll the dice. After many emails with Mark [of Malone Tuning], we agreed on a day and I pulled out the ECU (I can help anyone with this as it is tricky). Shipped it out Fed-X and got it back. Installed the ECU in the car, waited a few minutes before I started it and then let it idle for a few more.

Took the car out for a spin (I live in the coutry where we have beautiful twistie roads – Central coast of California). No error codes, no warning lights, the car idled perfectly and drove just like it always did down my road I share with my neighbors. Here’s where the story get good. 1st gear… wow had some more pep… Second gear… whoa nice… third gear … holy crap this sucker pulls hard…. 4th gear…. raped ape. THIS IS HOW VW should have done this car. It’s a smooth wonderful ride but when you put your foot into it… well quite simply, it goes and nicely I will add. The power band is exceptional … in fact it’s a completely different car and I cannot stress that it’s FAR better than stock.

No, I’m not on the payroll, I didn’t know Mark until I made contact a few weeks ago. What I can also say is Mark ALWAYS gets back to my emails. Never left me hangning on any questions and was more than helpful.

I will be putting the car through it’s paces over the next few months and I would be happy to keep all of you posted. For the record, my car has 5000 miles on it.. I LOVE THIS TUNE….

email me if you have questions.

- David D.



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