2013 Passat TDI SE DSG, CR140 Stage 1.5 (now Stage 2) with DSG Tune Love the extra torque and the DSG shifting now. Loads more scoot off the line and passing on the highway is downright quick. This is the way this car should have been from the factory. Special mention to Charles of CR Performance in Peoria, IL. Outstanding service and even came to me in Chicago to do the tune. Highly recommended for any of your needs.

I couldn't be more happier over the increase in performance and throttle response, the increase in low end power. Charles was very professional thought the entire process and the communication before and after the work was first class. I can't say enough of the tune and work completed but would like to add more for the shop and old school customer service. 2 thumbs and 2 toes for the CR team!
I just had my 3rd timing belt, water pump and idlers replaced at Digisports. My bug has had nothing but minor maintenance since new. I had Brian do the stage 1 tune at 270,000 miles. I now have driven over 10,000 miles on the tune with no problems. This is the way VW should have done it. I still get better than 42mpg overall with most of my driving between 65 and 80. I put over 100 miles a day with about 90% highway. I am looking forward to stepping up to the stage 3 tune with clutch and injectors when she reaches 350,000 miles. No regrets, great response with no noticeable smoke or dead spots.
After reading about the performance gains from Malone tuning I wanted to get it done but there wasn't a tuner nearby. Then Cr Performance popped up in Peoria IL just a few miles from where I live so I contacted Charles of CR Performance and eventually ended up with the 2.0 tune DPF delete and also the DSG tune for my 2011 JSW TDI. Needless to say this transformed my car dramatically. I have surprised more than a few "sports car" drivers. Charles made the experience very positive, is super professional and has a great shop. I would not hesitate to recommend Malone, Diesel Dubs and CR Performance.
My 2013 Passat SEL TDI went out of warranty in March of this year. I decided I wanted to take grandpas car and make it a little more fun to drive :-). You see, I have to come to Indy nearly every week for cancer treatments at the VA. So, I wanted to get a little more MPGs if I could. I elected to go with the stage 2 non delete tune with the DSG tune as well. I chose to go to VAwter, what great people. They made me feel right at home. Bill went to work on my car and explained each step as he went along. Not minding I was looking over his shoulder the whole time:-). When he was done we took it for short spin and it felt like a completely different car. The responsiveness was incredible! But I didn't get the whole effect till I went home. A 200 mile trip one way. Not only was it more fun to drive, but if I kept my foot out of it (which is very hard to do) I got better MPGs than before. I also had them do the 40000 mile DSG service two days later showing up with a huge grin on my face. Again, Bill explained everything he did and made sure he showed me the old fluid and filter. I'm so impressed with the work that was done that they will get all of my business from now on.
I Have a 2009 TDI Jetta. I always hated how it drove starting out in first to second gear and the lag it had. I decided to do the DPF Delete with the stage 2 tune. I would have gone higher but I am still making payments. I was SO impressed how this car drives and how it sounds! I love the turbo spool and now it sounds and smells like a diesel! I went with BuzzKen exhaust for the delete and mid-pipe. I got it from AARogriguez in GA, USA. They do the tune and everything at their shop. I'v been reading up on tunes and performance parts for about a year now. This is the best tune you can get and I was able to do all the work myself. I have already recommended this tune to VW TDI drivers! And I'm still looking out for more people I can recommend this to! Thank you SOOO much Malone for all the answers, assistance, performance and being the greatest tune EVER!
Absolutely LOVE the tune and dpf delete. Couldn't be more happy with the work. I had the dpf delete installed by Charles in Peoria Illinois. Great guy to deal with and was very speedy about everything. Let me sit and watch him do everything and even gave me a few pointers on other mods that he recommends. Thanks a million!!!! The stage 2 and dsg tune from mark is fantastic!! I have always got tunes from mark and have never been disappointed with his work. You rock mark!!
Previously I had a Revo tune which certainly provided power, however caused the opposite of smooth performance. After careful evaluation of all my options I decided to go with a Malone tune. As of now I have had the new stage 2 tune in my CR140 VW Sportwagen for over two years. Having been through each season twice since getting the tune I can honestly say his work is phenomenal. The effects of the tune are just as exciting today as when I had it done. The raw power never fails to thrill and the increased smoothness through the power band, providing a consistently hard pull from start to finish, is just icing on the cake. With over 100 Degree days in the summers and negative degree days in the winters this tune has not caused any issues and my EGT stats have remained healthy. I cannot recommend his services enough!
Let me start off by saying, WOW! The difference is night and day. You have your mpg when you want it and power when you need it. The power is very noticeable and put a smile on my face the second I stepped on it. I have 34k at the moment and regret not getting it earlier. I hope this will last for years to come without a hiccup. If you're a speed demon like myself ( I DON'T ENCOURAGE SPEEDING), you will love this tune. Mark has been doing this for a few decades and specializes in diesel tunes, so why go to someone else? Charles at CR PERFORMANCE in Peoria, Illinois was very informative and he will take care of you. Thanks again!
I recently moved from a Stage II to a Stage III on my TDI MK6 JSW DSG. The CR170 turbo is basically a drop in turbo. The flash was a little changeling because my supporting mods are different. To make a long story short the TDI pulls very hard to redline. It's much more responsive and remains much smoother then stock and the economy will still out preform a stock TDI if driven normally. Thanks to Mark Malone's patients and work ethic's the TDI was transformed over the last two years from economy wagon to a touring car. This is little difficult to understand on paper. Once you drive a car the that was messaged by Mark it's simple to grasp. It's truly astonishing! Thank you Mark and Les@ Diesel Dubs. If it wasn't for you guys the TDI would be stock and I wouldn't get to enjoy this car everyday!

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