Mark was great at helping with all the questions I had. I was having problems with emissions testing after I installed new injectors. Mark made up a chip that allowed me to pass the emissions test and I also got a Stage 3 tune for track days. I am very happy with my choice to use Malone Tuning. 
I had researched mods for my 2000 Golf TDI 5SP for about a year before contacting Mark by email. As the other testimonials stated, he responded to all my many questions within minutes, with patience and always with a thorough answer. I opted for the FlashZilla and, just to get my feet wet, selected a Stage 1.0 tune to see if the results were 1) Noticeable, 2) Reliable, and 3) No impact to MPG. Malone Tuning scores on all accounts. The tune was accomplished by me, under my control, in the privacy of my own home. It was indeed a very noticeable power improvement, a reduction in 0-60 time of over 1.5 seconds, really makes the car fun to drive, it has been running reliably for almost two months now post-tune, and shows no loss of MPG with same driving style as pre-mod at third tank fill-up. Uses just a bit more fuel when I am WOT often. My next mods will be injector nozzle upgrade and Stage 1.5 or Stage 2.0. Can hardly wait to experience the next phase. I will post my results then. Many thanks to Mark of Malone Tuning! Matt Klein 

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