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New picture of our Stage 4 Turbo Kit in development for 2009-2014 VW TDI!

Several months ago we announced on Facebook that we're developing a Stage 4 turbo kit that retains ALL original US and Canadian emissions parts in 2009-2014 VW Golf, Jetta, and Beetle 2.0L TDIs. We're taking our time to ensure that every part is perfect, meeting or exceeding OEM fitment and standards.

Pictured here is a stainless steel cast manifold that exceeds the quality of the original OEM manifold. It has a few advantages over an aftermarket welded tubular exhaust manifold:

  • OEM style consistency (no warping from hand-welding many pieces).
  • No weld pinhole leaks and cracks.
  • Smaller exhaust volume means quicker boost response. Strong Low-RPM torque is why people love driving TDIs (aside from great fuel economy, of course!).
  • Lower cost without compromises.

The estimated power is in the 200whp-240whp range and the estimated torque is in the 350wtq-420wtq range depending on the turbo size. There will be two or three turbo sizes that you can choose from. These power figures may be with an off-road tune (i.e. race track use). The figures may be lower if staying with factory emissions.

The entire turbo kit will use as few parts as possible to minimize install work, cost, and shipping size.

The aforementioned power figures were achieved with stock fuel hardware during prototyping. Upgrading the high pressure fuel pump to a good quality CP3 kit may give room for some more power (more information forthcoming).

Please do not contact us for updates. We receive too many e-mails as-is. Sign up here to receive updates in e-mail. We will also post on our Facebook page.

One Lap of America to raise $20,000 for Fisher House Foundation

Bristol, VA. (March 5, 2012) -- When the racecars take to the track this weekend at Kingsport Speedway, Jenna Wagner will be on hand for the festivities but not in her familiar blue and magenta #47 but with her VW Jetta TDI DSG Cup Edition that she will run in the One Lap of America. Wagner has been honored by being chosen to co-drive the #33 TDI with Victor Bell of Chicago for the week long One Lap of America race beginning in South Bend, Indiana on May 5, 2012.
“I’m really excited about being chosen and the opportunity to drive the Jetta in the One Lap event,” said Wagner. “I am looking forward to continuing to pursue one of my greatest passions and visit the different racetracks in the Midwest. I've had a great time learning to compete on the road courses and I know it will be a challenge to learn to negotiate each new track. Victor and I are splitting the events so we can take advantage of the tracks on which we have previously competed. I will drive the oval event at Plymouth Speedway in Plymouth, IN to take advantage of the skills I have learned on the ovals here at home and Road America since I have track time from competing in the Jetta TDI Cup.”
“Our visit to Kingsport is part of a two week effort in the Tri-Cities area to raise awareness and donations for the Fisher House Foundation, our charity for this year’s One Lap effort. I will also be attending the Food City Race Night events in Knoxville and Bristol. I invite everyone to come out and support our veterans by making a donation to the Fisher House Foundation.”
About Wagner
In 2005, Jenna Wagner first hit the track at Lonesome Pine Raceway in Virginia in their Racing 101 Program.   In 2006, she graduated and drove a Dodge Neon in the UCAR Division at Virginia’s Motor Mile Speedway.
For the next two seasons, Wagner returned to her favorite track, Lonesome Pine, where she would compete in the MOD-4 Division in a Ford Thunderbird earning Rookie of the Year in 2008.  In 2009, Wagner moved to the Late Model Charger Division while finishing third in the Championship standings and once again earning Rookie of the Year honors.
In 2010 Wagner competed in the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Series touring road courses throughout North America and Mexico.
In 2011 she was honored by to be chosen by MAZDASPEED to compete at the Grand Prix of Miami.  She hopes to secure a full time ride on the road courses for the 2012 season which will help her earn valuable seat time and mature as a racecar driver.  Along with the One Lap of America she plans to also compete in the Limited Late Model Division at Lonesome Pine Raceway driving the familiar #47 for Paul Shull.
Wagner currently is employed as a member of the SPEED Social Media Team and Junior Web Editor for
Wagner hopes to one day compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

84 US MPG Sipster converted a 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel into an eco-friendly 70-plus US MPG bunny that hits 60 MPH in 7 seconds all for under $7,000.

After two months of non-stop working, the team surpassed their goals: They managed to not only hit 0 to 60 mph in 7.09 seconds, they achieved a fuel-economy figure of 84-US MPG (100 Imperial MPG, 2.8L/100km). Malone Tuning Ltd. diagnosed a cruise-control issue, supplied a FlashZilla programmer for e-mail tuning support, and provided a special ECU tune that boosts both performance and fuel economy.  One of Malone Tuning Ltd.’s dealers in California was also kind enough to provide diagnosis and replacement for an injection pump issue that was having. Their 0 to 60 MPH time is now around 6 seconds although that has not been officially measured. We’re all pleased with the results!

2009 Jetta TDI First Dyno Video

In March 2009 we were one of the first, if not the first, to tune a new 2009 Common-Rail VW TDI and dyno it. We used one of the most conservative dyno machines around, with real-world no-nonsense horsepower and torque numbers.

Stock dyno result: 133hp and 225ft-lb torque.
After chip tuning: 168hp and 315ft-lb torque (without line smoothing) 163hp and 295ft-lb (with line smoothing).
The 30hp and 70ft-lb gain is impressive, and as you can see in the video the car is still 100% smoke-free!
You can see a tow hitch installed in this car. After chip tuning, the owner said that a trailer in tow feels weightless! We also retain the factory EGT (exhaust gas temperature) limiter in the ECU. During hot weather the ECU may reduce power to maintain EGT, however none of our clients have experienced this (with outside temps as high as 30C / 86F!).

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