Custom Tuning

The vast majority of tunes sold today are generic (non-custom). The following are real-life examples of three identical vehicles: Same year, same engine, nearly identical mileage, and they ran the exact same tune.

Custom Tune

​Custom Tune 

​Custom Tune 

Common boost problems that can be addressed by custom tuning:

Boost Spike: Shortens the turbo's life. This could be addressed by installing a mechanical boost valve if custom tuning is not available.
Under Boost: Less than optimal performance and more smoke.
Boost Creep: Shortens the turbo's life due to overspeeding. Some engines like 1.9L PD TDIs are notorious for boost creep. This is caused by the turbine being overwhelmed by increased exhaust flow.

Tuning out a number of issues will result in smoother power, optimized performance, and better reliability. However, there is a trade-off to custom tuning: It takes longer to complete than the common "flash and forget" generic tune and it costs more. Custom tuning requires logging and repairing mechanical defects (if found), then log and fine-tune the ECU (Engine Control Unit) until optimal results are achieved. That said, we still provide excellent quality generic tunes and the choice is yours. The above charts were made possible by Engine Logging . Logging is useful for diagnosis and ensuring that your engine is running within specs before and after each tune.


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