Engine Tune Power Price Requires
3.6L FSI


280hp 265lb-ft

Stage 1

301hp 291lb-ft


93 Octane (98 RON)




Engine Tune Description Standalone Price Price with Tune Purchase
3.6L FSI

Cat removal, SAI removal, EVAP removal, rear O2 sensor removal, MAF removal, etc.

Only for use in areas where emissions laws are not applicable. Modified emission control systems are illegal on most public roads. 299 0


Exhaust crackle (pops and bangs) on throttle lift-off.


MED9.1 Immobilizer Delete or SKC/PIN Retrieval

Your ECU needs to be removed and shipped to us or to one of our dealers who have the appropriate tools.

199 99

Most orders are custom tailored and we prefer that you contact us by e-mail. We will be happy to produce a personalized invoice for you.

The published power figures are for reference only. Your results may differ

Additional Information

ECU removal is required for bench-flashing on MED17 ECUs, earlier ME9.1.1 ECUs can be tuned through the OBD2 port either with our handheld units or by a distributor. 

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