Engine Tune Power Price Requires
2.0L 150HP


150bhp 250lb-ft

Stage 2

167whp (185bhp) 298lb-ft (323lb-ft crank)


No hardware modification is required. We also support exhaust upgrades.

Stage 3

No longer available

CR190 Turbo. No longer available, because this turbo's performance is unsatisfactory: It is prone to boost creep (hardware limitation) and thus does not allow much more power without risking overboost. We recommend a bigger turbo with Stage 4 instead.

Stage 4

Results vary


GTB1756VK, GTB2056VK, GTB2260VK or similar GTB Turbo. We also support CP3 HPFP and camshaft upgrades.


Engine Tune Description Standalone Price Price with Tune Purchase
2.0L 150HP

Dynamic Idle

Speed up engine-warm up with a 1,100 RPM (or another RPM of your choice) idle. The idle will return to stock state (approximately 830RPM) by 70C (158F) coolant temperature. An engine that gets warmer sooner means that you get interior heat sooner (more comfort during cold weather) and optimal efficiency (fuel economy) sooner.

349 99

These tunes have been designed to work with the stock exhaust hardware. We do tune slightly more aggressively for vehicles used in off road applications, however those tunes will not pass any form of emissions testing and are not designed for road use.

Most orders are custom tailored and we prefer that you contact us by e-mail. We will be happy to produce a personalized invoice for you.

The published power figures are for reference only. Your results may differ

CR150 Stage 2 +28 WHP +53 WTQ

Stage 3

Requires a "CR190" turbo.


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