Engine Tune Power Price Requires
5.0L V10 TDI


313hp 553lb-ft

Stage 1

338hp / 585lb-ft



Contact us. We will not tune hybrid turbo upgrades.
Only OEM turbos like GTB2260VK.


Engine Tune Description Standalone Price Price with Tune Purchase
2006-2008 5.0L V10 TDI

DPF delete

Only for use in areas where emissions laws are not applicable. Modified emission control systems are illegal on most public roads. Other deletes such as EGR and O2 sensor can also be done at no extra charge.

If you purchase a Stage 1 tune for $799, it can include this at no extra charge.

799 0
5.0L V10 TDI

5v to 7v Glow Plug Conversion

2004-2006 Golf+Beetle TDI and 2004-2005.0 Jetta TDI have gone through two glow plug recalls:

  • The original 7v ceramic tipped plugs (part # N10591604) were replaced with stronger 5v steel tips (part # N10591607). This resulted in poor cold starting performance. These glow plugs are the same for both 4 cylinder and 10 cylinder TDIs.
  • The 5v steel tips were replaced with newer 7v plugs (part # N10591609). This improved cold starting performance but it was limited to the 4 cylinder TDIs. 

The V10 engine is stuck with 5v glow plugs (from the first and only glow plug recall), and there are reports of poor cold starting performance. This is where we come in - you install the newer 7v glow plugs (we recommend part # N10591608 that's normally intended for 2005.5-2006 VW Jetta 1.9L BRM PD TDI) and we'll update your ECU software to make them work.

399 0

Dynamic EGR, Dynamic Idle, or Idle RPM Change

Click here for more information Dynamic EGR.
Some stock 5.0L V10 already have ~830-850 RPM Dynamic Idle only at very low temperature and high elevation. This modification holds ~830 RPM longer (until approximately 60C / 140F coolant temperature). Stock idle is ~610 RPM at sea level.
399 99

EGR or O2 Sensor Deletes

Replacing O2 sensors is a very expensive engine-out job. Deleting them is most likely less expensive, quicker, and it simplifies your power train (less parts to fail and replace again). This is only for use in areas where emissions laws are not applicable. Modified emission control systems are illegal on most public roads.

549 0

Most orders are custom tailored and we prefer that you contact us by e-mail. We will be happy to produce a personalized invoice for you.

The published power figures are for reference only. Your results may differ

Additional Information

If our Stage 1 power or torque figures appear low compared to other tuners' claims, then that's because we want to maintain reliability with the fragile stock turbos. Replacing turbos is an expensive engine-out job and most completely stock V10s have had their turbos replaced at least once. Adding a lot more boost or heat with a performance tune is therefore not recommended. An off-road tune (DPF removal in 2007-2008 Touaregs) may reduce turbo temperature and improve longevity.

For a very strong performance gain, upgrading turbos is recommended. We will not tune hybrid turbos, because VNT turbos are tricky to build & calibrate, and the hybrid ones that we have seen so far are not well balanced. Another reason is that hybrid turbos tend to have 100% stock turbines. All they have are larger compressor wheels slapped on. Upgrading the turbine side is very important for reducing heat and improving overall flow. Therefore, use only whole OEM turbos like GTB2260VK. That requires completely custom fabricated exhaust manifolds (click here to see a picture). It is a major project. You will also need to have a good understanding of how to calibrate VNT actuators to ensure that both your turbos behave the same. If you are not prepared for any of that, then we recommend sticking with stock turbos.

Our FlashZilla tool is highly recommended for tuning this engine. Do not use a battery charger while using FlashZilla, because it may disrupt the tune writing operation. 

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