Engine Tune Power Price Requires
1.4T MultiAir Turbo


160 hp 155 ft-lbs

Stage 1

173 whp@4200RPM 210 ft-lbs@4200RPM




ATP GT1752S Turbo Upgrade


Engine Tune Description Standalone Price Price with Tune Purchase
1.4T MultiAir Turbo

Cat Delete

Off-road only 349 0

Exhaust Crackle

Exhaust flames have been observed in some cases! Cat delete is required (off-road only). 349 249

Tunes can be installed on the sport button so that your stock tune is kept intact, this is available for both the 500 sport and Abarth. 

Most orders are custom tailored and we prefer that you contact us by e-mail. We will be happy to produce a personalized invoice for you.

The published power figures are for reference only. Your results may differ

Stage 1

The apparent lack of power gain above 5250 RPM may be due to the car limiting power due to rear wheels not spinning on dyno (traction control). The small stock turbo is also less efficient at very high RPM. On the street, the car pulls hard in the entire RPM range!

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