Engine Tune Power Price Requires
Mercedes 3.0L CDI - 2008 and older


205hp 368lb-ft

Stage 1

235hp 415lb-ft


Mercedes 3.0L CDI - 2009 and newer


210hp 398lb-ft

Stage 1

275hp 448lb-ft


Mercedes 3.2L CDI - 2005 to 2008


201hp 369lb-ft

Stage 1

235hp 416lb-ft


Smart CDI 0.8L


44hp 76lb-ft

Stage 1

63hp 96lb-ft


Dealer visit or tool rental. FlashZilla is not compatible with this vehicle.

Any of the above


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Engine Tune Description Standalone Price Price with Tune Purchase
Mercedes 3.0L CDI - 2008 and older

Remove DPF, Adblue, EGR, and Intake Swirl Flap

Off-road only.

349 0

Speed Limiter Removal

Raises the speed limiter

349 99
Mercedes 3.0L CDI - 2009 and newer

Remove DPF, Adblue, EGR, and Intake Swirl Flap

Off-road only. EGR should not be deleted without also deleting the DPF AND SCR. Note: 2009 (only the 2009 model year) ML and GL models may still have "0 starts remaining" message on the dashboard after removing the adblue system. The vehicle however will continue to start and run normally.

649 399
Smart CDI 0.8L

Speed Limiter Removal

Raise speed limiter to 145km/h (90MPH) 199 0

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Additional Information

FlashZilla v2 flash instructions for 2006-2009 Sprinter 3.0L CDI and other Mercedes 2006-2008 3.0L CDI:

    Choose Family 120 in any of the following in FlashZilla's vehicle list:
        Mercedes > E (W211)
        Mercedes > ML (W164)
        Mercedes > G (W463)
        Mercedes > R (W251)
        Mercedes > S (W220)
        Mercedes > Sprinter (W906)

To see the rest of the FlashZilla v2 or v3 guide, click here

Note: 2009 Mercedes ML, GL, and similar models with SCR delete may have a "# Starts Remaining" message in the instrument cluster, even after tuning. However, the "# Starts" will not count down. Sprinters do not have this issue.

Flash instructions for 2010+ Sprinter and other 2009+ Mercedes Models: 

     ECU removal is required, please contact a dealer
     If you are deleting SCR (Adblue), then you must electrically unplug the controller. In ML SUVs it is usually located in the trunk, click here to see a picture. In GL SUVs it is usually located in the front passenger fender area. 
     If you are deleting DPF & EGR, then we recommend unplugging the EGR valve for a smoother cold start/idle.

Smart CDI 0.8L (800cc) Stage 1 +19 WHP +20 WTQ

The speed limiter is also raised to 145km/h (90MPH) 

EGR delete is available upon request.


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