Engine Tune Power Price Requires
Mercedes 3.0L CDI - 2008 and older


205hp 368lb-ft

Stage 1

235hp 415lb-ft


Mercedes 3.0L CDI - 2009 and newer


210hp 398lb-ft

Stage 1

275hp 448lb-ft


Mercedes 3.2L CDI - 2005 to 2008


201hp 369lb-ft

Stage 1

235hp 416lb-ft


Smart CDI 0.8L


44hp 76lb-ft

Stage 1

63hp 96lb-ft


Dealer visit or tool rental. FlashZilla is not compatible with this vehicle.

Any of the above


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Engine Tune Description Standalone Price Price with Tune Purchase
Mercedes 3.0L CDI - 2008 and older

Remove DPF, Adblue, EGR, and/or Intake Swirl Flap

Off-road only 349 0

Speed Limiter Removal

Raises the speed limiter to 82 MPH using factory diagnostic equipment

199 99
Mercedes 3.0L CDI - 2009 and newer

Remove DPF, Adblue, EGR, and/or Intake Swirl Flap

Off-road only 649 399
Smart CDI 0.8L

EGR or Speed Limiter Removal

Remove EGR (Off-road only) or raise speed limiter to 145km/h (90MPH)

199 0

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Additional Information

FlashZilla v2 flash instructions for 2006-2009 Sprinter 3.0L CDI and other Mercedes 2006-2008 3.0L CDI:

    Choose Family 120 in any of the following in FlashZilla's vehicle list:
        Mercedes > E (W211)
        Mercedes > ML (W164)
        Mercedes > G (W463)
        Mercedes > R (W251)
        Mercedes > S (W220)
        Mercedes > Sprinter (W906)

To see the rest of the FlashZilla v2 guide, click here

Flash instructions for 2010+ Sprinter and other 2009+ Mercedes Models: 

     ECU removal is required, please contact a dealer
     If you are deleting SCR (Adblue), then you must electrically unplug the controller. In SUVs it is usually located in the trunk, click here to see a picture.

Smart CDI 0.8L (800cc) Stage 1 +19 WHP +20 WTQ

The speed limiter is also raised to 145km/h (90MPH) 

EGR delete is available upon request.


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