FlashZilla v3

FlashZilla v3

$180 USD / $235 CDN



The FlashZilla is a very popular device that allows you to receive engine tunes via e-mail and upload them to your vehicle anywhere.

Tunes are sold separately and are for one vehicle. We will send you an invoice for tune(s) after you receive the FlashZilla.


  • Supports most 2009-current model year vehicles. Important note: 2009-2010 3.0L TDIs (VW Touareg, Audi Q7, etc.) are not supported at this time. Most OBD2 flash tools like this one cannot read most 2009+, they can only ID it. Based on your ID, we will check our database if we have matching ECU software. 
  • 6 slots for storing ECU files:
    • 1 Slot to securely store your stock tune.
    • 5 Slots for modified tunes.
  • OBD2 cable for connecting the device to your vehicle.
  • USB cable for connecting the device to your Windows computer if you want to transfer tunes to FlashZilla. Apple computers are not supported at this time.
  • Erase ECU fault codes.
  • ECU recovery for reliable flashes.
  • Allows only 1 car to be tuned at a time. Cannot tune 2 or more cars simultaneously. Restoring the stock tune in your vehicle will unlock it for use in another vehicle.

FlashZilla owners can download the software and guide here.


FlashZilla v2 for 2008 and older cars

FlashZilla v2

$170 USD / $220 CDN



  • Same as v3 above, except that it's for 2008 and older vehicles. It also has 2 slots for modified tunes, but you can replace the tunes with newer ones any time.

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