How to Recode a 2004-2005 Passat BHW TDI ECU from Automatic to Manual

You won't be able to start the engine with a new manual ECU tune installed, if you don't complete the steps below!

You must inform Malone Tuning the 3-letter transmission code (e.g. FHN, DUK, or EEN) if you want cruise control to work!

You need a Ross-Tech VCDS cable.

All the VCDS actions below (both Engine and ABS) must be done in a continuous session: In between steps do not disconnect VCDS and do not turn off/on the ignition key, or you’ll have to start over from the beginning.

1. Disconnect the physical TCM (Transmission Control Module) in the Passat.
2. Obtain ECU tune from Malone Tuning Ltd and write it to the vehicle. *Let us know the 3-letter transmission code if you want cruise control to work. We will integrate the new transmission information into the tune.
3. In VCDS (VAG-COM), open “Engine” (the Passat's key must be ON to power up the ECU)
4. Click “Login” and enter 12233. If this fails, then try skipping this step and continue below. 
5. Click “Coding” or “Coding II” and change the last digit from 4 (Automatic) to 1 (Manual). i.e. If the 0150034 is the stock coding, then change it to 0150031. Click “Do It”. You will see a message “Coding Accepted”. Click OK.
6. Close the Engine controller.

Now move onto the ABS controller while leaving the Passat's key in ON position:

1. In VCDS (VAG-COM), open “ABS.”
2. Click Login to enable coding, try 09555
3. Enter Soft coding 04255

           Note: If the original coding is 00011, then this car has the older 5.3 ABS system without ESP and a login is not required. Try entering 00012 instead of 04255 as the new coding.

4. Login to enable Basic Settings (40168)
5. Do G85 calibration in Basic Settings channel 001.


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