2.9 Bar Internal Map Sensor for older TDIs

Part Number:MT-2.9BAR-INT

This is commonly used in older VW and Audi MSA12 ECUs (i.e. 1996-1999 MK3 Golf/Jetta/Bora that have stock MAP sensors built inside their ECUs. Their ECU part numbers tend to start with 038 906 021).

Most stock MAP sensors are 2.5 bar with a conservative 21 PSI boost limit. A 2.9 Bar MAP sensor can allow boost control anywhere up to 27 PSI (conservatively speaking, leaving some room for overboost logging, and it also depends on atmosphere pressure).

The stock MAP must be cut out of the ECU and then the new MAP sensor must be soldered in. ECU tuning is also required to make the ECU read boost correctly.

Software Instructions for other tuners:

  • Change the "Anzeigenummer Druck" value from stock 18 to 8 (your stock value may vary).
  • Change the "normierwert" value from stock 255 to 137  (your stock value may vary).
  • Change the "LDF - Linearisierung" (Voltage linearization) to 500-4500mV range and 300-3000mbar pressure range.

These values do not reflect the pressure sensor datasheet exactly, but it is based on real-world testing using an analog pressure gauge.


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