Colt Cams Stage 2 Camshaft for VW 1.9L BRM PD TDI

Part Number:Colt-PD-BRM-ST2

Vehicle Application:
  • 2005.5 - 2006 VW Jetta Sedan (not Wagon) 1.9L BRM PD TDI (both manual and DSG)

Machined from forged steel billets, these camshafts are much stronger than the factory units and deserve the premium they fetch. The factory unit is a cast and chill hardened unit with a mere 12 thou of hardening depth. This is suitable for most of the industry. However, PD engines (BEW, BHW, BRM, ASZ, ARL, etc.) subject cams to unique stresses due to their injection design, therefore they benefit from a stronger camshaft material. The resulting product is stronger, harder, and tougher than the cam that came in your car from VW. These new-from-billet COLT pumpe duse (PD) cams are superior to any other cam on the market. They are THE cam for your PD equipped vehicle.

This cam adds power without tuning and will work as a stock replacement. Lobe separation is adjusted from factory to put less stress on the injector lobes. This, combined with adjustments to lift and duration, results in a better flowing engine with lower exhaust gas temperatures and longer camshaft life. If you order an ECU tune, then make sure that it is designed to take advantage of the cam.

We are local to Colt Cams, who are based out of Aldergrove, B.C. Buy with confidence well below the price of the competition, and without duties to boot. Stage 3, race and custom grinds are available upon request.

Disclaimer: Colt Cams are not available in the US market due to another vendor having exclusive rights in that country. Please do not order this product if you are in the USA.



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