K-TAG and KESSv2 Tricore to Bench Cable Adapter

Part Number:MT-Bench-Cable-KSuite-Adapter

This adapter allows all of our ECU bench cables to connect directly to K-TAG or KESSv2 Tricore (KESSv2 Tricore is a discontinued bench-flash tool that's a predecessor to K-TAG). Make sure that the on/off switch on the bench cable is left ON. Everything including the power is automatically controlled by the KESSv2 Tricore and K-TAG hardware.

The grey wire with red alligator clip is the boot wire. This is used for connecting boot pins in an ECU. The blue wire with black alligator clip is the less commonly used CNF1 wire.

You won't be able to use K-TAG with certain bench cables like the following:

  • EDC16 / MED9 : These ECUs can only be bench-flashed (with its ECU cover open) using a green BDM probe. Or it can be OBD2-flashed in the car with a tool like KESSv2. This Bench Cable is typically only used for a VCDS communications check or to change the ECU's software coding (e.g. automatic -> manual).
  • EDC15 : K-TAG does not support this ECU. Use an OBD2 flash tool like KESSv2 or FlashZilla instead, with this bench cable. 



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