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I needed the oil cooler seals replaced on my 2010 MB ML350 Bluetec. My mechanic did this for me and at the same time, he loaded the Malone tune. I have to say that the little beast runs cooler, mileage has increased by about 8% (32.5mpg on the hwy at 70mph), it smokes and moves when you stomp on it and I couldn't be happier. Best money I've spent since I loaded a custom 5 to my ALH a few years ago. Very satisfied.
I'm not a hot rodder, but do appreciate having fun with my manual 6 sp Jetta Sportwagen TDI on two lane twisty roads, and I tow my ATV, which with the trailer is around 1,000 lbs. Before my Malone tune my Jetta was OK, but once I added the Malone 1.5 tune it made it so much more fun to drive. It pulls hard in every gear, gets better gas mileage, and makes it much, much easier to tow my ATV over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Mark and Owain were great to work with and the Malone tune really tuned my Sportwagen into a new vehicle. I would highly recommend a Malone tune to anyone who wants to improve the performance of their vehicle.
In May of 2018 I purchased a 2014 Audi A8L 3.0tdi. I had heard about Malone tunes for diesels as I have added upgraded tunes to my other non-diesel VW and Audis in the past and that name was common and associated with a quality product. Well once I acquired the car I almost immediately went to Malone site to see it they had a tune for my engine. They did so I ordered the tune and the Flashzilla so I could self install. The Flashzilla came in about 3 days. My laptop wouldn't recognize the Flashzilla. I sent a request out for support. Owain actually got back to me in hours, not days. Problem quickly diagnosed, solved. So I downloaded my stock file same day and sent to Malone. By about 5:00 PST I had the tune and 30min later it was installed. I was so impressed with their support and quick response especially given it was well after normal work hours for them.... now that is dedication to your customer x100. So, I installed the stage 2 tune on my car which had just been "fixed" to be compliant. The factory fix, did decrease power and did lower mileage. I went out for my first drive last night and the first word that comes to mind is WOW. So smooth and soooo much torque. The car is so much more responsive and sooo much faster. Anyway, I would highly recommend Malone and highly recommend that anyone with a 3.0tdi get this tune!!!
2013 Passat TDI. This is an update to my previous post. I did "EPA fix" with subsequent Malone stage 1 with DSG flash (software only- which in great way fixed driveability issues caused by VW). Car was fun to drive again but MPG was terrible comparing to my previous numbers- average went down form 39-40 to 32. Also oil was getting much dirtier sooner. Since nobody wants to re-tune car to stock cheating software I have decide on Rawtek exhaust( high flow cat, resonator and stock muffler) with Stage 2 tune. I have installed exhaust myself on jack stands using floor jack and hand tools. I am only DIY guy, but work on my cars since I was little- its my hobby. Took me two, 4 hour afternoons. I did not hurry and took my time to get everything nice and clean. Owain from Malone was very helpful and informative. I got my tune very quickly, and 20 minutes later, using Flashzilla car was ready for DPF delete. Now its time for impressions: With high flow cat, resonator and stock muffler car is as quiet as stock one. Engine runs much smoother than after EPA fix. Stock one was very " civilized" with almost no clattering but after "fix" it run more like older vw diesels. Car is very responsive and quick. I do not race my car but its nice to have additional torque/power when cruising up steep hill, merging traffic or overtaking. You cant have to much low end torque:) MPG is back to original numbers or even higher. On my daily commute i average so far 42mpg comparing to 32mpg. Hand calculated. This is in cold weather. I have noticed that MPG after fix suffered significantly in cold weather. Not as bad in summer( 10-15%). Now time for bad staff: Car does not smoke unless I floor it and it is very minimal. But there is typical diesel smell. I thought it would be little more subtle with new CKRA engine and high flow cat. I will wait for warmer weather to see if that will change, maybe detuning little bit will help? It is not a big deal however I was enjoying my original " clean diesel" in that matter. Since my car drives mostly highway I was not worry about DPF to much( with cheating software). I had 43% ash load after 100k miles and great fuel economy. Unfortunately "environmentalist" forced more people like me to do complete DPF delete because of stupid ECU update in the name of small improvement in NOx. Just take a look at any government diesel truck- idling 24/7, most time deleted just because they legally can. I believe that my original "dirty" tdi was much cleaner than it is now. At least now I can sleep and not worry about turbo, more frequent oil changes and my engine will last longer. At the same it is much quicker and fun to drive than the car i originally bought. Overall I am very happy with the tune- has OEM quality( torque and hp curve) and makes me want to drive my car again. BTW I did not do this purely for economical reasons. Horse power, torque and comfort is expensive.
The stage 2 tune for the Porsche Cayenne diesel is very, very impressive! It's more of what the engineers gave us from the factory, with no drawbacks! I previously tried a 'piggyback' box and it was not good. It made the engine rough, caused stuttering at low throttle inputs, and was very unrefined. The Malone tune is invisible when driving sedately. In fact, my friend asked "when are you getting the tune done?". I answered him with a stab of throttle,and his eyes got large. I couldn't recommend the tune highly enough,and Malone's customer support is GREAT - they're responsive to email, and very understanding!
Couple years ago i looked into modification for my 01 Jetta ALH Tdi, The help from Malone was greatly appreciated, service department answers emails quick, phone call away and talk to someone who knows the cars inside and out. My car was tuned by them 4 or 5 times well i upgraded parts every time. My car currently makes great numbers and the fuel economy is still amazing. Contact Malone tuning whenever u need a question answered or help choosing a tune or supporting mod. Thanks Owen :)
Mark and Owain spent a lot of time helping me with a fueling issue when they didn't have to. Mark even wrote me a custom tune to address my issue. Truly appreciate that they have gone the extra mile to take care of me. Tune here with confidence!
I ordered a Stage 1 tune from GDE at first with the DPF delete option for my 2007 Mercedes-Benz E320. My car ran terrible and I was stuck with a check engine light for the DPF. After arguing back and forth with GDE for a year long and thinking it might be my car's fault, I decided to give Malone a try. I put my original file back on and Owain and Mark were able to delete everything correctly and now I don't have a CEL! My car runs excellent. I can't say thank you enough!
I decided to go with EPA fix on my 2013 Passat TDI. Car was fun to drive prior to that with excellent pump calculated MPG- way exceeding EPA ratings. After emission modification I have noticed car had less power and tended to shifts higher. Not really noticeable if you drive steady speed on flat highway but with any incline you will feel it right away. Also engine become much louder- old diesel engine clatter, worsened by minimal load. I decided to go with Malone stage one with DSG tue ( no DPF delete). Car become again fun to drive. Much more responsive with plenty of low end torque- much better than stock one. However my mpg is exactly like sticker says 30 city 40 highway 34 combined. I can go to 42 max on long highway drive with very light foot. I understand epa fix causes car to run rich in order to keep NOx cat temp higher to "improve" emissions. In my opinion it stupid- burning more diesel in order to be more "eco friendly". I understand Malone does not want to tamper EPA imposed regulation. I will probably go with full delete soon to restore mpg. However it would be nice to have "off road" aka "vw cheating software" restore option without dpf removal for those of us who have car inspections and don't want to remove emission hardware. I would be willing to sing any paper stating it is illegal and for offload use only- like with dpf delete. Bottom line tune is worth every penny. I would get rid off car without tune- due to much worse mpg with low power. Now at least I can enjoy car. 10-20% MPG drop is painful but not deal barker. BTW I did tune myself- very easy. Save me ton of time and I can reverse it anytime I need to go to dealer for any work. I regret not buying flashizlla prior to fix- maybe I would be able to restore "vw cheating software" who knows.
When I got my car back after being neutered by VW it had an "emptiness" that I couldn't quite describe. Peak power and torque appeared to be unchanged but the car did not feel quite the same. The Malone tune is phenomenal and I absolutely love the way my mk6 Golf drives now, power and torque feels way up. The refinement and power delivery make the car drive as if it came from the factory, only far more powerful and responsive. There are zero issues, hiccups or drawbacks and I would not hesitate to recommend your software to anybody looking to improve upon their vehicle.

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