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Amazing product support! Went stage 2 with deletes on my 2016 a6 3.0tdi Thankyou Malone tuning! Also seems that the post fix transmission woes are gone as well, and I did not have a tcu flash! Thanks!!!!
The stage 2 tune for my M57 335d is mind-blowing. I haven't put it on a dyno yet, but it certainly feels like it's putting ~330hp/~520'lbtq to the wheels. Heck, likely more with the methanol system. Effortless flashing process w/ a local vendor (Cascade German Parts) and no post-flash SES or CEL lights. I couldn't ask for more.
Hi VW/Audi fans! Recently got Malone Stage 2 + DSG tune. All the rest of the vehicle is still stock. Definitely gives sporty feel to the car and only now can be called Sportswagen ?. Had a short run with BMW 440i between 2 red lights. Was able to keep with him and saw his surprised look when we stopped. Sure he will smoke me in longer run but was still fun to see his surprised look?Much more fun to drive now but it's still winter here and can't fully enjoy the benefit of the tune. Way too slippery yet. Now I'm hooked to the power and torque looking into stage 3 or 4 that they are still working on. Thanks Malone Tuning for providing a family car with sports soul and Westside auto for good service and install. 2013 VW MK6 Golf Sportwagen TDI
Absolutely amazing support. I purchased a tune from them 3 maybe 4 years ago. My vehicle was part of the Audi/VW emissions scandal and had to go in for a modification. I sent an email asking a question and the response was almost immediate. After the modification the old tune would no longer load. I sent an email with the old tune and new file and they sent me an update to the tune same day. I highly recommend them!
The tuning process was seemless. I ordered the Flashzilla V3 Friday and had it by Monday. Instructions are pretty straightforward and I emailed my original file to Owain around 11am. I got my Stage 2 file around 4pm and after that it was plug and play. The difference is night and day. My 2015 VW GSW TDI comes from the factory with 236 ftlbs torque and had the stage 1 recall, so I probably had less than that. After uploading the Stage 2 map, I used my ODBeleven device and it showed the car having 430Nm torque or about 320 ftlbs. Overall I am very pleased with the results and cannot wait to add some hardware upgrades to increase the power even more! Get job to the team at Malone! They are very helpful and made this process very easy. Thanks Again Guys!!!
Customer service is outstanding! I had reinstalled the factory tune because of a recall. When I got my car back the ECU info had changed. I could not reload the program. Emailed customer service for help. Received a response from Mark within hrs. Within 48 hrs of my first email, of which 24 were Sunday, I had an updated program and life is good again. Having the factory tuning again only highlighted how impressive the results are with one of Mark’s programs. I urge anyone looking to improve their driving experience to give Malone Tuning a try. You won’t be disappointed.
I was on the fence on gettimg.a tune lined up for my car. 2012 vw tdi with dsg. After doing my research i settled on a malome stage 2 with dsg tune. The only down side to the tune is i should have done it sooner! I decided to order the flashzilla and do it my self. The process was pain less. And the diffrence is amazing. They stand buy their product. Mark emailed me the tunes in a timly fashion. I think not enough credit goes to Owain. He is an unsung hero for sure. I appreciate all the time he has took to answer all my jetta tdi related questions, and now that i baught a grand cherokee with rhe mercedes 3.0l. He has slayed those onslaught of questions with impressive answers. Thanks Owain! I will be ordering a tune for my jeep soon!!!
Thank you Mark for all your help, got stage 2 tuning for my mk6 TDI. Amazing results, couldn’t be happier!!!
Just finished a Stage 1 with the Flashzilla. Very happy with the results. It was a smooth experience, with no hiccups. My car is much more responsive and powerful now. Thanks Malone Tuning! :-)
Installed my Stage 2 Tune today via Flashzilla. Super easy . Seat of the pants first impression is OMG!!!!

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