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I contacted Malone Tuning for help with my EGR check engine light. While on their website I became interested in the other standard fixes for a 2004 VW Jetta TDI BEW. I ended up going with the Stage 1 tune, EGR Fix, and standard fixes. I couldn't be happier with the performance boost as well as finally having that pesky check engine light taken care of. I rented a flashzilla and found the process to be very simple and well documented. Malone Tuning was awesome to work with, and their results are amazing. I feel like I'm driving a brand new car!
Best of all was that the tune improved my MPGs and now I love my van even more. The power has been improved and my van "feels" smoother throughout the RPMs. I've driven about a thousand happy miles so far. Thanks Owain and Mark, the whole process was very smooth.
I can't begin to express my joy for the patience and help I have received. This is the Second time they have saved me from being stranded and not to mention being robbed by the dealership. Constant rapid contact with impeccable communication and professionalism is the bare minimum that describes the customer service I have received. I am not technologically/computer proficient, with that said I was walked through several issues and was easily able to accomplish my end goal. Thank you so much for everything!!!! I have told every VW owner I come in contact with to become very familiar with this company (ever since my first business experience).
Just did full deletes and Malone 2.5 tune on my BMW X5 diesel; all I can say is wow!! I use my X5 for towing, and the tune brought exceptional power and increased efficiency. It’s like driving a completely different vehicle, and look forward to many more miles. I couldn’t be happier!
Malone is the benchmark tuner for quality and customer service. Owain from Malone always took the time to answer my questions with quick replies. I originally had Stage 2,Dsg tune done on my 2012 tdi which was a fantastic step up from stock. I decided to go all in and have the dpf/egr delete with a reflash from Malone, Buzzken downpipe with resonator . It’s like going from a stock state to a much more response car yet again. I thought I was impressed before. All my work was done at Westside Automotive In Edmonton. They are the perfect partner with Malone as they both have outstanding customer service and prices . Very impressed so I highly recommend Malone.
I had Steve at Euromotive in Niagara on the Lake flash a Stage 2 tune for my 2005 Jetta BEW with a VNT-17 turbo. This was back in 2012 and it has been fantastic! No issues daily driving and what a performance increase! I recommend both Malone Tuning and Euromotive!

The stage 1 tune on my audi S4 was a major success. It has improved engine performance beginning with the smoothness of the engine which was totally unexpected given that the engine is already a legend as factory equipped. Smooth and increased performance is clearly apparent throughout the rpm range. Fuel consumption is improved as expected. This custom Malone has greatly exceeded my expectations. Congratulations to both Mark Malone and his team and Neil Nordquist at Saskatoon Import Auto.

Have a stock ’15 Passat TDI (EA288) post dieselgate fix level II. Driving before I would tell myself, “this car was a grown up decision.” After tuning, the vehicle is how I remember my first Passat TDI; FUN! Runs as it should. Requested some specific operating characteristics to my tune was old hat to Malone & no problem at all (other tuners choked & failed). Malone also took out all the lame & stupid from my DSG transmission. These guys have my respect & confidence.
My 2013 Jetta Sportwagen 2.0 TDI stock needed a little more pep, with the AC on high. Little did I understand what Mark could do for my car. I used the FlashZilla to tune the engine to stage 2 while I waited for the Kess to show up for the DSG, and wow did I notice a difference. But that wasn't the greatest part, once the DSG was tuned. I noticed how smooth DSG shifted, and how much better the takeoff was. If the DSG wasn't telling me what gear it was in, I wouldn't have had a clue. My DSG did have an issue with the down shift from 6th to 5th, so I emailed Mark, and told him what it was doing, he sent me the modification, I uploaded to DSG, and WOW. I have a NEW car. Best purchase I've made in a while. Thanks Mark and crew.
Amazing product support! Went stage 2 with deletes on my 2016 a6 3.0tdi Thankyou Malone tuning! Also seems that the post fix transmission woes are gone as well, and I did not have a tcu flash! Thanks!!!!

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