Owain and Mark are great people to deal with. After a few discussions with Owain I decided on the stage 2 tune for my 2015 Golf. After receiveing my flashzilla it only 30 min to set everything up, download and upload my stock tune. Had my new tune back from Mark on the next business day. The power is immediately noticeable. Couldn't be happier. It's a great product from even better people!
Been running a stage 1 tune on my 2016 Fiat 500 turbo for several months now and could not be happier. car pulls nice and hard. Highly recommend Malone Tuning for your tuning needs. Great folks to deal with.
I'd first like to start with saying I already had a different company's tune on my 2000 A4. It was a bit outdated, and I was having ZERO luck with support from this company's many "dealers" in my location. Several phone calls and emails and multiple attempts to schedule appointments, went unanswered. I found Malone Tuning through a parts company I use, and reached out via Facebook to pick their brain. NO LIE, I had a response from Owain within the hour ready to help. He was extremely patient and helpful answering every single question I had. I ended up shipping my ECU to their main location as they needed to remove the soldered in chip and install a factory socket to flash. They contacted me before doing so rather than footing me the bill at the end. Keir called me personally to talk through and explain the work performed , and clarify some additional requests for my tune. I've never had so much help with any aftermarket company, across all brands I own/ have owned. I did encounter an issue after receiving the ECU , however it was quickly corrected and I couldn't be happier. Your customer support has gained a customer for life! Thanks for everything!
Wow... It's just amazing how my Sprinter are different with a stage 1 with deleted package... More Power... Run smooter and also add a good fuel saving... Thanks Mark you are a Pro!
Simply amazing. Had I known how much of a difference a simple tune will do without even changing any parts, I would've done it 2 years ago on the same day I bought the car. 2005 Golf TDI Stage 1.5
OMFG this is the best money I've spent on my MK4 TDI. The car is really fun to drive now. It's got 327k on it so I only did stage 1 (with Dynamic EGR and Idle - which are super cool also). Without even pushing it hard at all, like normal driving, you can really immediately feel the difference. I'm not gonna floor it yet cause it's due for a timing belt, but I cant imagine what it's gonna fell like when that's done! I'm happy enough with how it drives now with taking it easy. It takes right off and runs through the gears quick even at 1/4 -1/2 throttle - it's really unbelievable and was well worth it. And the guys at Trentec in Newark DE are the best and great to deal with. I highly recommend them for tunes or anything else. If there's something my car needs that I won't do myself, I will do the over an hour drive to take it to them. Thanks Mark and thanks Trent!!!
Skeptical at first.. I decided with another egr replacement 3 times in 18 months and the dpf filter going bad at 100kmi on the odo, it was time to make a change. I was so disappointed with the purchase of my 2010 vw jetta tdi. I found out about egr and dpf delete option while searching for the parts to do the job myself. The dealerships were wanting 3200.00 for the dpf job and an additional 1700.00 for the egr job. It was either a diy fix or time to cut my losses. After doing some research I was able to find a dpf and egr delete that I really liked as well as a new upgraded turbo charger. Mark Malone was the name that kept popping up time and time again for the tuning no matter where I looked and he had great reviews everywhere. So I purchased all the parts it cost around 2k shipped to my door. Almost half what the dealerships were going to charge me for parts that may last me another year?! With help from darkside developments great staff and 0 car experience(not to mention basic tools only) I was able to finish my egr full delete, dpf delete, and a topside turbo swap in 2 days going uber slow to ensure no mistakes. I finished the job and had to use the vehicle to get back to work asap! Mark Malone in his off time went above and beyond to not only help me out with the dire need for a tune asap, but he also wrote me a custom tune that's amazing! He did this same day! While he was off work to ensure that I would be able to get to work on time! He also helped me via email to put the tune on the car. I started the engine to hear the glorious roar of new life my Jetta had, it was a purr it was a straight deep throated roar! Omgoodness wth?! I put the car in first slammed on the gas and freaking flew!! The car is now the most fun vehicle I could ever imagine driving! It's so freaking fast it's unbelieveable! I'm smoking mustangs and camaros and neck and neck with sti's.. haha not a puff of black smoke! You should see the faces of the people I blow by easily as the car shreds through the gears in rapid succession, using way more of the power ban then I ever imagined possible! Now almost a year later and 60,000 miles on my tune, turbo, and delete, and I'm sad I waited so long to do this! My car performs 100% better now than when it was new! It not only is the fastest ride on the block but I rutinely get approx 50+mpg! Holy crap you have to be kidding me! I'll keep this car forever now! Mark you were a life saver when I desperately needed it! Thanks for everything you do! And if there is even a shred of doubt wether or not you should pull the trigger don't take a second thought do it! Use a tax return, an overtime check or whatever you need to to make it happen! I promise you won't regret it! Haha and the other tuners in the Dallas Fort Worth area tuning are no match for Mark's tuning from 1million miles away via email, lol I have better performance than other people who went with local or custom tune shops, better fuel economy and the longevity speaks for itself! You almost can't keep me out of this car now! 60k mi in less than a year! Haha not a single regret! No problems passing inspection, and not a single issue with the vehicle since the day I heard it roar for the first time.
For my 2009 Gti, I tried APR (forced slip even at stock power levels), and almost went with UM for TCU software, but then I heard about Malone and gave them a shot. My car has an apr stage 3 gtx hardware setup with higher output from custom tuning. Malones DSG software clamps great, shifts quickly, and overall made the car significantly more enjoyable to drive every day. I will be recommending Malone to ANYBODY curious about DSG software in the future. If I end up with another DSG vehicle, it will be getting Malones software on day 1. Thanks again guys!
Just got my tune for my tt 225 a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. I have a lot of usable power all over the rev band, which I didn't have from the Apr tune I previously had in it. It was like an on and off switch of boost surge, not comfortable at all. This tune gives me great power in any gear at any rpm and I am also getting three miles per gallon more. Thank You very much.
I have a 2006 Jetta TDI (MK 1.9L BRM) I purchased a Flash Zilla and a Stage 1.5 tune from ECStunning.com. My car is otherwise stock. WOW!!! My car was sort of a "Mutt" before and now it breaks the tires loose in second gear! Its no race car, YET..., but is quite zippy as compared to stock. My fuel mileage also improved 5 mpg. Malone customer service is wonderful as they were able to answer my questions before purchase. Now I plan to upgrade my intake and exhaust and go for Stage 2. Thanks Malone for an awesome tune!!!

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