I think another reviewer already said it best "this is how the car should come from the factory".  Mileage seems the same (possibly better) and the torquey pull from 2-4k RPM is noticeably improved.  Drivability feels about the same with a light foot, but if put your foot into it above 2K, you can tell something is different.  I usually drive for mileage (43MG thus far, but I'm in the city a lot) so I'm hoping this tune won't have any big effect on the emissions system. 

The reviews of Charles at CR Performance are spot on. He is very knowleable, professional and has the DPF/EGR delete & tune down to a science. I was going to take on this project myself and consider myself very mechanically inclined. By the time I drove 2 hours each way and spent 4 hours at his spotless shop, I would still have been crawling under my car for another 4-5 hours. These changes really transform the Golf. I was mainly looking for MPG(up 10%)first then not having to worry about icing & performance.  The car just gets off the line with tremendously better acceleration & goes through the gears smoother. Passing on the highway is a breeze. I'd like to thank Charles again for the prompt communication and all around pleasant experience. 

I got my first CEL just 8 days after purchasing my used Passat (97,800 miles). I had a feeling that it was going to be DPF related, so started my research. It wasn't long before I found information about Malone Tuning and the "miracle" that the Malone ECU and DSG tunes had been for others. Now to find just the right mechanic. I tried a local tech with DPF delete experience, but he didn't have VW experience. No luck so back to the Malone testimonials, and Viola! I found CR Performance highly recommended and just a short 3 1/2 hour drive from my home.

A bit of info - I am a widowed female and only minimally knowledgeable about cars. Charles of CR Performance treated me right and went the extra mile to resolve not only my DPF issue, but also repaired a split turbo hose that occurred the last time I drove the car. Charles was informative and courteous. He took the time to explain the DPF delete before he started and made sure I was satisfied with his work after the job was done. His follow up also has been great!

I'm only on my 2nd tank of fuel since picking up the car, but my 50 mile commutes are averaging 48 mpg, and this tank is currently getting 41 mpg. The car is responsive, the shifts are smooth, milage is great - driving is a joy again! I would not hesitate to recommend a Malone Stage II Econo and DSG Tune from Charles at CR Performance to other Passat owners. Kudos, Charles - I appreciate the "above and beyond" customer service you provide.

I bought a Passat with 97,800 miles on it knowing that it would soon need some services. I didn't expect to have numerous CELs on my 8th day of ownership though. I stumbled through misguided attempts at self repair before finally giving in and deciding to have a DPF delete done on the car.

Thanks to the testimonials here at Malone, I found CR Performance in Peoria, IL. Charles, the owner and tech, responded promptly to my emails and we set up a date for the car to be serviced - DPF delete with a Malone Stage II + Econo tune and a DSG tune. The exhaust needed to ship in from Canada, so I had time to transport my car to Peoria. Charles went above and beyond normal services from the start for me. Due to transport mishaps, it was 23:50 before I arrived at his shop. He responded immediately to a text message and met me at the shop within 10 minutes to receive my car. Even at that late hour, he spent time telling me about the service he was going to perform and showed me sample replacement parts. My car was completed promptly when the exhaust arrived from Canada. Everything went well with the DPF delete and no errors there, but once again, Charles would be asked to go above and beyond in order to resolve a boost error that the car was displaying (unrelated to the DPF delete). He spent the extra time to locate the issue (a cracked turbo pressure hose) and then resolved it for me - on a night when he had to commute bad roads in order to get to the shop. When I picked up my car, Charles gave me the full walk-through of his service, showed me a couple of pieces of burned DPF that fell out of the DPF when it was removed (wow!) and answered all of my (new to non-air cooled VW) questions.

I left CR Performance with 205 miles available on my tank. By the time I had driven halfway home, about 110 miles, the Passat showed 275 miles available on the tank. I swear, if I would have kept going without hitting icy roads, my tank would have been overflowing by the time I got home. :)  The fuel efficiency is AMAZING. Charles has since followed up to ensure that I am pleased with the service. Of course I am! The car is a joy to drive now - incredibly responsive and so durned efficient to boot. The exhaust is still quiet and other than a slight diesel odor, you would never know that the DPF is gone.

Kudos to Charles and CR Performance. I would not hesitate to give him the highest recommendation and will return to his shop if I need further tuning.

Told by VW dealership  my 2009 Jetta TDI needed a DPF replacement. After much research I decided on DPF delete with a Malone stage 2 tune combined with DSG transmission tune. Could not be happier with the job done by CR Performance and the performance increase with my Jetta! This upgrade is shown to incresase MPG up to 10%. At this time I am happy enough with the engine performance and transmission shifting alone. Any increase in MPG will just be icing on the cake. 

Special thanks to CR Perfomance in Peoria IL for professional, excellent work and Malone for an upgrade that turned my Jetta into a completely different drive. 


I purchased a 2010 Jetta Sportwagen with 94,000 miles about a month ago.Before I made my first payment the DPF light came on.I tried all the methods of forced regeneration to no avail.Took the car to VW dealer who confirmed DPF filter replacement was needed.I decided to go the delete and tune route.I did a lot of research on TDI forums and the consensus was over whelming that the Malone Stage 2 combined with the DSG tune was the best option.After further research I found Andrew at fixmyvw.com was my best option.I communicated with Andrew on many occasions both through telephone and email,he was always very courteous and professional.I sent him my ecm and he had it back in the mail the same day he received it.There are very good instructional videos on the website.I received the DSG loaner tool and not being very computer literate struggled but Andrew got me through it.The Stage 2 performs as advertised but considering, I really did not want to spend the money for the Dsg tune all I can say is wow if I did not know better I would think I had a new transmission.I have not had time to get an exact mpg estimate,but it looks like between +3 and +6 mpg. You are truly blessed to have dealers like Andrew at fixmyvw.com I could not have completed this job with out his assistance Thank you for your high standards in tunes and dealers. Thank You JERALD

2013 Passat TDI SE DSG, CR140 Stage 1.5 (now Stage 2) with DSG Tune Love the extra torque and the DSG shifting now. Loads more scoot off the line and passing on the highway is downright quick. This is the way this car should have been from the factory. Special mention to Charles of CR Performance in Peoria, IL. Outstanding service and even came to me in Chicago to do the tune. Highly recommended for any of your needs.

I couldn't be more happier over the increase in performance and throttle response, the increase in low end power. Charles was very professional thought the entire process and the communication before and after the work was first class. I can't say enough of the tune and work completed but would like to add more for the shop and old school customer service. 2 thumbs and 2 toes for the CR team!
I just had my 3rd timing belt, water pump and idlers replaced at Digisports. My bug has had nothing but minor maintenance since new. I had Brian do the stage 1 tune at 270,000 miles. I now have driven over 10,000 miles on the tune with no problems. This is the way VW should have done it. I still get better than 42mpg overall with most of my driving between 65 and 80. I put over 100 miles a day with about 90% highway. I am looking forward to stepping up to the stage 3 tune with clutch and injectors when she reaches 350,000 miles. No regrets, great response with no noticeable smoke or dead spots.
After reading about the performance gains from Malone tuning I wanted to get it done but there wasn't a tuner nearby. Then Cr Performance popped up in Peoria IL just a few miles from where I live so I contacted Charles of CR Performance and eventually ended up with the 2.0 tune DPF delete and also the DSG tune for my 2011 JSW TDI. Needless to say this transformed my car dramatically. I have surprised more than a few "sports car" drivers. Charles made the experience very positive, is super professional and has a great shop. I would not hesitate to recommend Malone, Diesel Dubs and CR Performance.

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