First and foremost these guys are THE BEST! 2010 VW CUP EDITION, DSG (2.5) got my tune installed at DDubs, PA. instantly like a new car! it was as it should have been VW!!!! , great torque, excellent response. install was around 22000. moved. dealer "upgraded"during service call, tune destroyed. The guys at Malone worked with karmakanix, Berkeley to return all to "normal" car now has over 50000 runs like a top. if your on the fence DO IT. MALONE TUNING service and expertise alone is more than worth the price of entry!!!!
I have an 02 ALH jetta that I converted to a Ute with the Smyth Performance kit. Now that it looks cool, I needed some more 'go fast'. It already had an 11mm pump (was an automatic I swapped to 5 speed). I added .205 injectors and did a stage 2 southbend clutch when swapping out the trans. Doing my research, it was pretty convincing that I needed a Malone tune for the next step. I went to Scott Krout in Jacksonville and explained what all I had in the car and what I was hoping to achieve. He logged my car (VCDS) and sent it off to Mark for a proper program. Mark replied in about 20 minutes. He thought I'd be unhappy with the soot from a stage 3 tune but he thought it sounded like that was the torque improvement I was after. He sent Scott 3 different ECU tunes. Scott loaded them one by one followed by a test drive. Wow! talk about customer service. I got to drive all three tunes and decide which I liked! It doesn't get any better than that! By the way, I liked all three but the Stage 3 tune was awesome and what I am driving today. Talk about bringing the fun back to driving my TDI! Highly recommend both Malone Tuning and Scott Krout (Tint Specialist West). Very happy with the end result. I'll be back for a Stage 4 when I get to the turbo swap and will be bring my 2011 Sportwagen in for a tune as well!
I had a tune done on my 2012 Passat 2.5 at Trentec Automotive I love this tune it was without a doubt the best mod on my car thus far. Smoother pull throughout the entire power band I just love it.
I am not one to write reviews for items that I buy or try but this time around i felt like i had to give the Malone team a thumbs up. Here is my storry. Bought a JSW 6spd in 2013, and managed to rack up 20k miles in the first 8 months. Living in Kansas City i had access to a great VW tuner shop who provided me with tons of good info on APR tunes. So at 22k i decided to pull the trigger and install an APR tune along with a ton of suspension upgrades, big brakes and wheels. The APR tune was at the time the greatest thing ever, the car was powerful and just fun to drive the added torque was just a smile inducer cranked to 120! So then a year later when i approached 42k miles my car had an unusual long 50min regen during a hot summer day with AC on and in heavy traffic. This caused the DPF to fail and of course CEL. found out that it had cracked internally whcih meant replacing it which cost about 3000$ quoted at the dealer and going back to stock or going the aftermarket way through DPF delete. Having been around guys with Malone tunes I decided to go that route and I couldn't be happier. Where the APR tune was great compared to stock I feel that the Malone tune had the same effect making the APR one feel like stock. On paper the two tunes are identical in numbers but in real world driving the Malone tune is an absolute magic and here is what I mean by that. Stock the TDI has a nice torque peak around 2000 rpm and then sharply drops off as you approach 3000rpm. The APR tune had higher peak but the same sharp drop off in power much like the stock one. After driving the Malone tune for about 1000 miles now, the biggest difference is the width of the power band, the peak torque at 2k feels stronger and remains powerful until past 4k and that is what surprised me the most. Now this is probably due to lack of emission systems choking the air flow out of the exhaust system which would make sense. Another great thing i can vouch for is an absolutely amazing fuel economy. The trip to the install place i averaged 38mpg and ran hot at about 1200-1400F EGT... the trip back i got 49.2mpg and the car remained mostly around 600F EGT and to me that is huge in terms of reliability and longevity. Malone team you guys have done it!!! I am now forever fan of your product! The only thing i regret is not going with Malone sooner....

I own a 2003 VW GTI, 1.8T. I came in for a stage 1 tune by Alex at VDUB Auto Repair, and ended up getting some spark plugs done as well. Got everything done in about roughly an hour. Took the car out for a pull and it feels great, Along with my 3inch turbo-back, the tune really does feel great. My guess would be no less than 220 horsepower with the mods i have. Car Pushes 20psi and doesn't seem to run sketchy at all. Great tune, great service. Might have to get one done one my daily driver, 2010 Golf 2.5L.

I own a 2010 Audi B8 A4 2.0 TFSI Quattro 6-Speed Manual. I have owned a few Audis and have had tunes from other various companies, and I really cannot stress how happy I am with Malone. I currently have the Stage 1.5 which is stock exhaust/downpipe and an ECS Tuning Intake on a stock K03 turbo. Malone understands reliability and how to squeeze the power out of these cars that they should have had from day one. The power just doesn’t stop. It’s nice to have a car with the ability to cruise to work or hop around on the highway with confidence. This tune will make you smile the first time you get on it. This truly is a night-and-day difference from stock.
Highly recommend AARodriguez in the Atlanta area. Got the Malone Stage 2 Tune, and DSG, and arranged the DPF delete elsewhere in the area. 3-4 hours later, I felt like I had a new car. Throttle response much improved; I truly believe the 30-40 extra ponies and 70lbs of torque is absolutely real. Love the way the shift points are set up in the "S" position; super smooth, and responsive, with instantaneous downshifts when needed, etc. I gauge the mileage improvement (I would have settled for breakeven) at about 5%. In the past, people have asked, "what kind of mileage"..... my response has always been a consistent, "When you go 80, it gets 40; if you slow down to 65, it gets 50mpg." At 150K miles on the car, I've found this to be very consistent since I owned it. On my trip back to FL, from Atlanta post Malone II, I locked it in at 80, and over 500 miles, got 42.7mpg. I'll take it !!! Andrew Rodriguez was a true pleasure to work with; highly recommend. If you are at the end of the life of a DPF, instead of paying VW $2500+ to replace it (this was my second at 150K miles), why not save $500 and do the DPF delete/swap, and tune the ECU and DSG? Crazy not to. So glad I did. Thanks again Andrew !!!

I think another reviewer already said it best "this is how the car should come from the factory".  Mileage seems the same (possibly better) and the torquey pull from 2-4k RPM is noticeably improved.  Drivability feels about the same with a light foot, but if put your foot into it above 2K, you can tell something is different.  I usually drive for mileage (43MG thus far, but I'm in the city a lot) so I'm hoping this tune won't have any big effect on the emissions system. 

The reviews of Charles at CR Performance are spot on. He is very knowleable, professional and has the DPF/EGR delete & tune down to a science. I was going to take on this project myself and consider myself very mechanically inclined. By the time I drove 2 hours each way and spent 4 hours at his spotless shop, I would still have been crawling under my car for another 4-5 hours. These changes really transform the Golf. I was mainly looking for MPG(up 10%)first then not having to worry about icing & performance.  The car just gets off the line with tremendously better acceleration & goes through the gears smoother. Passing on the highway is a breeze. I'd like to thank Charles again for the prompt communication and all around pleasant experience. 

I got my first CEL just 8 days after purchasing my used Passat (97,800 miles). I had a feeling that it was going to be DPF related, so started my research. It wasn't long before I found information about Malone Tuning and the "miracle" that the Malone ECU and DSG tunes had been for others. Now to find just the right mechanic. I tried a local tech with DPF delete experience, but he didn't have VW experience. No luck so back to the Malone testimonials, and Viola! I found CR Performance highly recommended and just a short 3 1/2 hour drive from my home.

A bit of info - I am a widowed female and only minimally knowledgeable about cars. Charles of CR Performance treated me right and went the extra mile to resolve not only my DPF issue, but also repaired a split turbo hose that occurred the last time I drove the car. Charles was informative and courteous. He took the time to explain the DPF delete before he started and made sure I was satisfied with his work after the job was done. His follow up also has been great!

I'm only on my 2nd tank of fuel since picking up the car, but my 50 mile commutes are averaging 48 mpg, and this tank is currently getting 41 mpg. The car is responsive, the shifts are smooth, milage is great - driving is a joy again! I would not hesitate to recommend a Malone Stage II Econo and DSG Tune from Charles at CR Performance to other Passat owners. Kudos, Charles - I appreciate the "above and beyond" customer service you provide.


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